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The power of Twitter


Until today I didn’t have a Twitter account. I just don’t see why random people are interested in my travels, my thoughts, my work, my private life. I’m also very surprised to realize that a lot of people do think that their very personal business is worthwhile spreading around the world.

But things have changed. No, I didn’t come to the conclusion that I have to spit out my thoughts and actions. But Twitter made it possible that people still could report on what happened in Teheran, while the ‘elected’ government had kicked out journalist.

Twitter got a boost. Communication professionals can’t neglect it’s power anymore.

The power to spread news
The power to spread buzz
The power to spread fake news
The power to let believe
The power to fake
The power to speak
The power to advertise
The power to communicate
The power …

Rotterdam and Geo Information

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civil servants promo

The Dutch city Rotterdam is the first to centralize computerized geo information. All civil servants have access to the data by using Geoweb 2.0. It’s fascinating. All kinds of data, like normal road maps, but also electricity cables and social economical information will be easy available.

GSDI 11 World Conference
I didn’t know anything about geo information until Madbull Media hired me to co-write and co-direct a script of an instruction movie to be shown at the official opening of the GSDI 11 World Conference.

Promo for civil servants
For the civil servants of Rotterdam we made a small promo to have them understand the importance of Geoweb 2.0 and why they should use it.




Things just change

This video explains in an easy way that we just can’t follow the traditional paths to reach target groups (like we ever could???).

Kind of strange though, that this message comes from Microsoft. Never saw them as an innovator of advertisment or marketing. Maybe they are just lucky to have Geert Desager on board.

web versus print

Summer 1996 was the first time, that I had to write articles for a website. I noticed, that composing a text for the web had to be done different than for the traditional media. Not only because reading on screen works different, but also because of the ability of using links. Still today, I discuss with clients that using the copy of their printed brochures won’t be effective for their websites. I could write here an article about why that is not useful, but there is an easier way.

Michael Welsh
Just take 4 minutes of your precious time, relax, sit back and watch this explanation by Michael Welsh, an assistant professor of cultural anthropology of Kansas State University. Besides hearing and seeing why digital text is different, you also will get clarification of what web 2.0 is and how it really works.

jury chairman explains nomination

click image to watch movie
click image to watch movie

Jury Chairman of the Dutch awards for entertaining events, Norbert Cappetti, explains why ‘Einstein teaches!’ is nominated. ‘Einstein teaches!’ has been produced by aRTi Productions. I was responsible for the concept.

More about ‘Einstein teaches!’ will follow.

dutch radio posts ‘alle 13 goed’

click image to watch movie on you tube
click image to watch movie on you tube

A Dutch radio station, Radio 2, has posted ‘alle 13 goed’ on her website. ‘Alle 13 goed’ is a teaser to raise fundings for a feature film with the same title. I made the teaser for White Bull Film with Sander van der Vegte and Femke Hoogland.

art in mobile

please use your phone
please use your phone

Since 2001, the non-profit art gallery, Galerie De Meerse, has been organizing the Art in …-events. These events are about finding art in modern subcultures. This year we will ‘hunt’ for art in mobile phones – art that is specially made for or with a cell phone.

The event will contain an exhibition, workshops, a tutorial program and a website. We have just activated and have started to submit content. Anybody who knows of interesting art in relationship to mobile phones, please sent me an email at

‘einstein teaches!’ nominated for best event

a teaching ‘einstein’
a teaching ‘einstein’
golden giraffe award
golden giraffe award

‘Einstein teaches!’ (’Einstein geeft les!’) is nominated for the best Dutch entertainment event in 2007 by The Golden Giraffe Award of High Profile. aRTi Productions and I were responsible for the idea, the
concept, communication, production and execution. Of course, my focuses were on the idea, the concept and
the communication.

The winner will be announced March 11th at the World Forum Convention Center in The Hague, The Netherlands.

More about ‘Einstein teaches’ will follow.

no where men by _’s
no where men by _’s

Really fascinating entertainment!

If you haven’t heard of it yet, is an episodic webseries about a brilliant computer scientist, Derek Border, who went disappearing after his graduation.

Since 2007 cryptic messages of Derek have been shown up on the Internet. It seems that he’s still alive. Read the rest of this entry »